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Arcoroc Porcelain

Arcoroc porcelain

Developed to satisfy the needs of professionals, new High tech porcelain is a star perfomer: offering up to twice the mechanical resistance, (guaranteed against chipping for 5 years*), Arcoroc porcelain also boasts enduring scratch and dishwasher-resistance..

Arcoroc porcelain : the seal of quality
For many years, Arcoroc branded products have been synonymous with quality products. Today Arcoroc brings you a porcelain dinnerware collection and undertakes to bring you the best this material can offer.

> High tech porcelain : Our next-generation porcelain is unrivalled.
> Superior shock-resistance :
Arcoroc china is up to twice as resistant as ordinary china.
Confident in this high level of resistance, Arcoroc products come with a 5-year guarantee against chipping.
> Long-lasting scratch resistance
Both surface and decoration offer excellent dishwasher resistance, even after 2,000 industrial washes
> Ultra-white porcelain : A sign of purity and cleanness, the whiteness of our porcelain is your seal of quality.
Heat retention levels are as effective as those offered by other materials currently available on the market.


Where it appears in catalogues and on packaging, the "PORCELAIN EXTRA-STRONG" logo is your guarantee that this item is made from extra resistant porcelain.
* Guarantee Terms and Conditions available on request.

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