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So that our customers no longer need to choose between beauty and durability, Arc International's Research Centre has developed Zenix®, a new mineral material with outstanding properties. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, Zenix® finally combines refinement with advanced technology.
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High shock resistance
Zenix® is created from the high temperature fusion of mineral raw materials, reinforced with alumina, which gives it remarkable mechanical strength. This is why Zenix® tableware is up to 3 times more resistant to shocks and chipping than porcelain.

High scratch resistance
Zenix® has a perfectly smooth and non-porous reinforced surface. When stainless steel cutlery may leave marks on the hardest porcelains and scratch softer ones, it simply slides over Zenix® without leaving the slightest trace*. Plates made of Zenix keep their brand-new appearance day after day, wash after wash (300 domestic dishwasher cycles and 2000 industrial cycles).

* Preferably used with knives hardened beyond 500 Vickers norm ISO 8442. Ceramic knives should not be used.

Perfect finish
Zenix® is the result of an innovative production process in which every article is carefully monitored and crafted from start to finish. Combined with this innovation, the homogenous nature of Zenix® offers the plates a silky touch on both sides.

A new idea of design
An easy to form material, Zenix® allows for surprising and smart designs suitable for today's needs. Skilfully designed, organic curves are as easily achieved as geometric forms.

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