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Recommendation for use

Recommendation for use

Arcoroc provides a list of recommandations designed to help you make optimum use of your items and significantly increase their life. .

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- Limit the contact between glasses to a minimum, in order to avoid scratching them.
- Only stack glasses and dinnerware items that have been especially designed to be stacked (easily identified by the logo on the packaging).
- Use a plastic spatula to remove food remains.
- Do not remove food remnants by knocking the items against the sink.

Washing in an industrial dishwasher

Although Arcoroc items are designed to withstand industrial dishwasher conditions, it is important to keep certain washing recommendations in mind.

> Temperature
A good wash depends on the balance of three parameters : time, temperature, amount of detergent. If the temperature, or length of time are reduced , the amount of detergent should be increased. Follow the recommendations for temperature, length of time and amount of detergent given by dishwasher manufacturers.

> Rinse
Use a sufficient amount of rinsing agent so that the water may slide properly from the products ensuring perfect drying conditions.

> Water hardness
The TH is close to zero, the water will attack the metal pipes as much as the dinnerware.
The PH is too high, the water will leave white deposits on the dinnerware and damage the pipes as well.

> Removing lime scale
Think about removing lime scale from your appliance on a regular basis.


Wash silverware and metallic items separately from the rest of the dinnerware.

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