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Tempered glassware

Tempered glassware

Up to 5 times more resistant*, Tempered glass is economical, resulting in fewer breakages (10–50 times longer lifespan*), and safe, breaking into blunt fragments, to give catering professionals greater peace of mind.

To increase the lifespan of Arcoroc products by 10 to 50 times, thereby reducing the problem of frequent breakages, in 1958 Arc International’s research centre developed a technical treatment known as "tempering". Tempered items boast excellent shock- and heat-resistance coupled with exceptional heat-retention levels.
Arcoroc products are fully tempered.

"Tempered" products offer unrivalled benefits that please catering professionals :

Fewer breakages : a tempered glass offers up to 5 times more resistance than an untreated item.

Style, elegance and robustness : tempered items have an increased resistance but thickness of the glass is not increased – the finished item remains elegant and stylish.

Safety first : when a shock or a series of shocks causes the exterior of a tempered glass to shatter, the glass breaks into blunt fragments.

* :  A tempered glass can be up to 5 times more resistant than an item that has not undergone any specific treatment process

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