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The professional material of choice, Opal is an all-rounder : 3 times more resistant to knocks, 100% hygienic , long-lasting (scratch-resistant, surface and decoration offer outstanding dishwasher resistance after in excess of 2,000 industrial washes), excellent heat resistance , pratical, cost-efficient and ... kind to the environnement !

Created in 1958… Opal is used primarily in the manufacturing of Arcoroc dinnerware ranges. The material is a popular choice among industry professionals and offers a whole host of advantages :

> Shock resistance :
The secret to its incredible durability: Up to three times more shock-resistant than other materials on the market.

Impact Resistance of materials currently available on the market measured on a pendulum in accordance with standard EN 12980 :
- Opal = 90 mm
- Bone china = 280 > 300 mm
- Aluminium-coated chinaware 200 > 250 mm
- Hotel chinaware 150 > 200 mm

> Scratch resistance :
Long-lasting resistance to knife scratches*.
When using knives with a Vickers hardness greater than 480, no surface degradation was observed in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 8442 - 2

* CERAM-certified

> Dishwasher resistance :
The surface and decoration boast excellent dishwasher resistance* after in excess of 2,000 industrial washes

* CERAM-certified

> Thermal resistance
Heat retention levels are as effective as those offered by other materials currently available on the market*.
Goods may be handled without risk of burning when they have been in the microwave*.
Thermal resistance at temperatures of 135°C.

* CERAM-certified

> Food safety compliant
0% porosity, 0% bacteria
Zero bacterial risk : Tests carried out by independent laboratory institute Pasteur de Lille (France) prove that after just one dishwasher clean, a contaminated Opal surface presents zero bacterial risk.

> Environmentally friendly :
100% glass, 100% recyclable
A material that is kind to the environment.

> Product functionality
Suitable for use in cost-centered and profit-centered catering :
- Perfect stackability: save space when storing and transporting
- User-friendly: easy to handle throughout service

> Economic
The Opal Arcoroc line is resistant to wear and tear and life's little mishaps. They last longer than traditionnal articles, which greatly reduces restocking costs. 

CERAM : Laboratoire anglais indépendant de mesures et d'essais

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