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  • Season’s Bar

    Season’s Bar

    Arcoroc introduces the Season’s Bar collection. To the 4 existing sizes in Zenix®, Arcoroc is adding 2 new small bowls and a complete line of 7 capacities, building a full range for table servings and buffet from 20cl to 3,2l. In clear fully tempered glass and Zenix®, the Season’s Bar collection offers an extreme resistance, ideal for the professionals. Timeless in style, the four conical bowls in the Season’s Bar collection are perfect for setting in ice.

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  • Eskale


    Arcoroc introduces Eskale line that is composed of 3 capacities to cover various usages : appetizers, cocktails and desserts. The vintage design is very trendy, perfect for concept style bar & buffets, and practical thanks to its nestability. The tempered glass, partner of the professionals, offers an extreme resistance.

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  • Fluid


    The Arcoroc Fluid collection has an ergonomic design, it’s easy to hold when serving and handy with a naturel level indicator. The heavy base makes it perfectly stable standing on a table or carried on a tray. One stopper can be used on the 0.5 and the 1L carafe : easy to use, it holds back ice cubes while serving.

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  • Intensity


    Arcoroc introduces 9 new items that complement the Intensity dinner line. Intensity now includes 13 plates (among them 4 specialty plates for pasta, pizza, risotto, 3 oval plates. Intensity also includes 3 sizes of bowls, 5 capacities of cups or mugs and 3 saucers.
    All items are made of Zenix® for high scratch and shock resistance, ideal for the professionals. Intensity line combines a timeless and elegant design in the Zenix® refined ivory bone color and a perfect stackability.

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  • Voluto


    Arcoroc introduces the Voluto collection, full hot drinks concept with cups, mugs and a line of assorted spoons. Thanks to its elegant and timeless design, its ergonomic handles and its nestability, the Voluto collection combines aesthetics and functionality.
    The tempered glass, partner of the professionals, offers an extreme resistance.

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